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Kitchenkraft | Stylish Kitchen Labels | Durable Stickers | Water & Oil Resistant | Personalization Available


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Product Description

Design & style your dream kitchen!

A modern addition to any kitchen, these sticker labels is ready to apply to most of jar, canning & Tupperware of your choosing. It is crazy at times to figure out which spice is which in your jar. Kitchenkraft labels make it much more easier to know what is exactly in it by looking at the labels! We design it to looks modern minimalist. They are beautifully together, and also great as a kitchen decor to add something unique to your home. Not only that, you can personalize the labels too!

Material Information

  • Printed on professional-quality glossy white sticker
  • Durable | Water & Oil Resistant, Tear-proof
  • Easily peel off (die-cut stickers)
  • Easily removal sticker labels
  • Work best when applied to a clean & flat surface

Sizing, Design & Pricing

  • Total of 195 labels!
  • 3 type of designs | Available in Square, Round or ‘Vintage’ shape

  • Minimalist & modern design
  • 3 size of labels | 4×4 cm, 6×6 cm & 3×2 cm
  • 130 pcs of standard labels (Malaysian common kitchen labels)
  • 40 pcs of expiry date labels
  • 25 pcs of blank or custom labels. Yes, you can personalize your text labeling!
  • Option to have it in English or BM
  • All of these offerings is only at RM65 (postage excluded)
  • Check out our photos/videos gallery here…

Standard Label Listing

Size: 4×4 cm

  • Spices (Rempah): Coarse Salt (Garam Kasar), Fine Salt (Garam Halus), Himalayan Salt (Garam Himalaya), Turmeric Powder (Serbuk Kunyit), Soup Powder (Serbuk Sup), Mixed Herbs (Herba Campuran), Star Anise (Bunga Lawang), Cinnamon (Kulit Kayu Manis), Cloves (Bunga Cengkih), Cardamon (Buah Pelaga), Candlenuts (Buah Keras), Mixed Spices (Rempah 4 Sekawan), Chicken Curry Powder (Rempah Kari Ayam), Fish Curry Powder (Rempah Kari Ikan), Meat Curry Powder (Rempah Kari Daging), Black Pepper Powder (Serbuk Lada Hitam), White Pepper Powder (Serbuk Lada Putih), Black Pepper Seeds (Biji Lada Hitam), White Pepper Seeds (Biji Lada Putih), Kurma Powder (Rempah Kurma), Coriander Powder (Serbuk Ketumbar), Fennel Powder (Serbuk Jintan Manis), Cumin Powder (Serbuk Jintan Putih), Fennel Seed (Jintan Manis), Cumin Seed (Jintan Putih), Fenugreek (Halba), Mixed Fenugreek Spices (Halba Campuran), Mustard Seeds (Biji Sawi), Rosemary (Rosemary), Thyme (Thyme), Oregano (Oregano), Basil (Basil), Paprika (Paprika), Bay Leaves (Daun Salam), Curry Leaves (Daun Kari),
  • Dry Ingredients (Bahan Kering): Chicken Stock Cube (Kiub Pati Ayam), Fish Stock Cube (Kiub Pati Ikan Bilis), Tom Yam Paste (Perencah Tom Yam), Seasoning Powder (Serbuk Perasa), Chili Flakes (Serbuk Cili), Chilli Paste (Cili Boh), Shrimp Paste (Belacan), Dried Chili (Cili Kering), Tamarind Slice (Asam Keping), Tamarind Paste (Asam Jawa), Bird’s Eye Chilli (Cili Api), Green Chilli (Cili Besar Hijau), Red Chilli (Cili Besar Merah), Capsicum (Lada Benggala), Potato (Ubi Kentang), Garlic (Bawang Putih), Red Onion (Bawang Merah), Shallot (Bawang Merah Besar), Ginger (Halia), Turmeric (Kunyit)

Size: 6×6 Cm

  • Dry Ingredients (Bahan Kering): Wheat Flour (Tepung Gandum), Multi Purpose Flour (Tepung Serbaguna), Self Raising Flour (Tepung Naik Sendiri), Cake Flour (Tepung Kek), Corn Flour (Tepung Jagung), Glutinous Flour (Tepung Pulut), Rice Flour (Tepung Beras), Custard Flour (Tepung Kastard), Tempura Flour (Tepung Tempura), Icing Sugar (Gula Ising), Castor Sugar (Gula Kastor), Baking Powder (Serbuk Penaik), Food Colouring (Pewarna Makanan), Brown Sugar (Gula Perang), Palm Sugar (Gula Melaka), Rice (Beras), Brown Rice (Beras Perang), Noodles (Mee), Pasta (Pasta), Oat (Oat), Yeast (Yis), Coarse Sugar (Gula Kasar), Fine Sugar (Gula Halus), Dried Shrimp (Udang Kering), Anchovies (Ikan Bilis), Bread (Roti)
  • Cereals (Bijirin): Cornflakes (Cornflakes), Froot Loops (Froot Loops), Honey Stars (Honey Stars), Coco Crunch (Coco Crunch)
  • Drinks Ingredients (Minuman): Milo (Milo), Coffee (Kopi), Tea (Teh), Green Tea (Teh  Hijau), Condensed Milk (Susu Pekat), Cocoa Powder (Serbuk Koko),
  • Wet Ingredients (Bahan Basah): Salted Fish (Ikan Masin), Fruits (Buah), Vegetable (Sayur), Fish (Ikan), Chicken (Ayam), Prawn (Udang), Squid (Sotong), Meat (Daging Lembu), Lamb (Daging Kambing), Mutton (Daging Kambing), Rabbit (Arnab), Eggs (Telur), Cheese (Keju), Red Onion Blended (Bawang Merah Kisar), Garlic Blended (Bawang Putih Kisar),
  • Bottles (Botol): Cooking Oil (Minyak Masak), Olive Oil (Minyak Zaitun), Virgin Coconut Oil (Minyak Kelapa Dara), Sesame Oil (Minyak Bijan), Sweet Soy Sauce (Kicap Manis), Salty Soy Sauce (Kicap Masin), Oyster Sauce (Sos Tiram), BBQ Sauce (Sos BBQ), Teriyaki Sauce (Sos Teriyaki), Honey (Madu), Mayonaise (Mayonis), Chilli Sauce (Sos Cili), Tomato Ketchup (Sos Tomato), Milk (Susu), Juice (Jus), Vinegar (Cuka), Apple Cider Vinegar (Cuka Epal)
  • Others (Lain-Lain): Biscuit (Biskut), Snacks (Snek), Chocolates (Coklat), Nuts (Kacang), Crackers (Keropok), Candies (Gula-Gula), Kurma (Dates)

 Personalization Instruction

Standard Label Listing x 130 pcs

By default Header is Category, Body is Ingredient (in English) & Footer is Ingredient (in BM). You may customize all of these 3 parameters of your choosing. For example you would like to personalize the footer to be your name instead.

Custom Labels x 25 pcs

With the same format as above you can provide us your own listing that may not be in our standard label listing. You can also opt to leave it blank should you prefer to right it down using marker pen.

Kindly email us the details to We appreciate if you could possibly provide us in excel format.

How to Purchase

  1. Whatsapp or Email for any inquiries
  2. Order online at

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